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What is Share the talk?

Share the talk is an easy way to upload slides, documents, and other materials from the talks you give and share them exclusively with your audience. There are no accounts or sign-ups, and yes, it’s completely free!

All buckets and their files are completely erased from our servers 7 days after bucket creation (or sooner if you prefer), so you don't have to worry about old material lingering on the web forever.

How do I use Share the talk?

It’s simple. Create a bucket, upload your files, and share the url with your audience. You can even protect your bucket with a ‘magic word’ so that only your intended audience has access to your files.

Your bucket will be accessible at www.sharethetalk.com/yourbucketname, so make sure to keep your bucket name short and sweet! Some good suggestions are: your last name, your first name, and the title of your talk.

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